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Photograph by Michael Owen



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Grand Prize

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  • user image
    Jonas Grube

    Two years ago I went to Lisbon (Portugal) and I totally fell in love with that city *-*
    There I took this photo of the bridge and because I love that place so it’s my favourite background for everything 😀

    Thank’s for looking at that image 🙂

    Jonas from Germany

  • user image

    I just want to say that I love your youtube channel and it helped me get an A in my photography class. So, Thank you!

  • user image

    this in Croatian. it is Plitvicke Jezere called. Its a wonderfully place. There are tons of waterfall and nature beauty !

  • user image
    Julian Bas

    Picture was taken during a skydive and thought it was a really cool shot. Not the most creative picture ever but its worth a try.
    Taken with a GoPro

  • user image

    It’s the trainstation above Amersfoort, The Netherlands. I didn’t edit except for some framing, so that worked out pretty wel i guess…

  • user image

    Shot in London with a Canon 700D. Edited with Photoshop and Lightroom. What I find interesting is the contrast between the dark figure and the red cabin.

  • user image

    This was a young girl on a train from Trinidad, Cuba to Valle de las Ingenious. She was deep in her thoughts that morning.

  • user image

    Hi there, greetings from Germany!
    my picture is a one light setup.
    And was photographed under a brigde.
    I love the place. All the walls are full of graffiti.
    In this picture they are not so visible.
    But i love the endresult.
    i shoot this with a fast shutter-speed so the background is going to black.
    I hope you love it too.
    Thanks for all the videos on youtube and Aaron, you are the coolest guy.
    Love to see the other images.
    Buy 😉

  • user image

    This is my very first professional picture i have made with my camera, wich also is my very first 😀 I made it in my hometown with the Nikon D5200 and the kit-lens. Not the best gear, but its everything i have 😀 Hope you like it 🙂

  • user image

    Embrace the winter 😀 This is a self portrait of myself I did in the winter.

    Thank you.
    Best Regards.

  • user image

    i think This is an image that applies for this contest (¿?)
    i start doing this portraits (this is one of my favorites) to show the person how i see or feel them. The important thing is not “the HOW” are the elements combined in the face (photoshop allow us to do fantastic things) but what are they trying to explain. It is not the “how” but “what” is in it

    (sorry for my english writing)

    Hope you like it, and i know, it takes a while to get used to it 🙂


  • user image

    My name is Anna Brant, I’m 17 years old and I love photography! This is a photo of a street artist I took whilst in Scotland, UK, in the city of Edinburgh. This man always appears in Edinburgh during the ‘Fringe’ festival, a fantastic event full of culture, that takes place all throughout August. I chose to submit this photo because I really love the composition, and how unplanned the whole scene was. The man is a fantastic spray-paint artist, and always draws in the crowds on the busy streets of the main road in the city. I really feel like I captured a pinnacle moment in his ‘act’; the drama of the photo is really emphasised too with the less than bright colours and the fire. The people also fall in a very natural shadow, which I love because it means the most important subject in the frame stands out. I edited the shot with Adobe Lightroom 5 (and of course I used several tutorials too on the Phlearn YouTube channel!) and shot with a Canon 6D and a 35mm lens. I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I enjoyed taking and editing it.

  • user image

    Taken at Antelope Canyon, Arizona.

    This contest name is Faces and Places and I believe us humans unique ability to see faces IN places makes this shot perfect for this contest.

    This is my 1st photo contest and good luck to all others who partake!

    Thank you much!

  • user image

    This is the dense Carmanah Valley, located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and is home to some of the largest sitka spruce trees in all of Canada

  • user image

    This image was shot at sunset, just outside a farming village called Zieuwent in the Netherlands.

  • user image

    This is a picture I took of my friend in her backyard. She liked it and thought I should submit it because of the current theme

  • user image

    This image was shot just at sunset, just outside a farming village called Zieuwent in the Netherlands.



  • user image
    Kayla Hoffman

    My entry “Orange”. Thank you for holding this contest, Phlearn team!

  • user image

    My entry “Orange”. Thank you for holding this contest, Phlearn team! 🙂

  • user image

    I’ve heard the Phlearn staff loves puppies. The FACE of my daschund, Chewie – Urrrrrrr

  • user image

    When I decided to go out and take this foggy image I had to wake myself up three days in a row. The first two days I just walked to my window and back to my bed, I didnt think there was enough fog. The third day I could barely see out so I was really happy and this is my end result from the day. I hope you like it! : )

  • user image

    This is shot with no photoshop added. We shot this at the LA river in Los Angeles with real pigeons.

  • user image

    People and Places. He was playing the saxophone for gratuities under a bridge in Central Park in New York City.

  • user image
    Attanasio Imagery

    What a better place for people and places…. NYC. Taken during a day of street photography in downtown New York City.

  • user image
    Tony Noites

    Frecha da Mizarela, Serra da Freita, Arouca, Portugal. One of the highest waterfalls in Portugal.

  • user image
    Noah Nash

    I know that I have a very tiny chance of winning, but here it is.
    The picture is called “Her Milky Way”

  • user image

    There is a face, and a place 😉
    The mechanic that always adjusts my motorbike, in the place where he works.
    Hope you enjoy it!

  • user image
    Michael Jones

    A friend at a halloween party The screen gives it the vintage horror movie look.

  • user image

    Affection and Fondness – A candid portrait of a young girl who has an obvious fondness for this particular dairy cow .