Mar 23, 2012

Finishing Touches with Color and Gradients- Part 3 of 3

Final Touches

In the past two episodes I’ve covered all of the basic editing techniques for Retouching and some Color Correcting for a high fashion Style image. Today I’ll finish it up by editing the Colors using Adjustment Layers, Blend Modes, and gradients.Building these effects slowly with many different layers will give you the chance to go back and make subtle changes later, and help achieve a softer look. Also see how to add in Linear gradients, then crop and Sharpen the image to complete it for the Web.

Episode Timeline

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    Anna DeLuna

    This whole tutorial is just awesome! I learned a lot of new little things that I never really thought of before! 🙂

  • user image
    Daniel Tuck

    Awesome series Aaron – I’m going to have to watch them all again, taking notes at the same time, you’ve covered so much!! So many new tips and techniques to apply to my photos – can’t wait to put them in to practice 🙂

  • user image

    Another most excellent tutorial Aaron. Happy
    Birthday to the phlearage !! Man – A year already, damn that flew past.
    Learning loads and up skilling nicely thanks to your site. Keep up the good
    work !! 😉

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    Joacim Roboman Schwartz

    When it comes to sharpening, I’ve learned from others that you can use Unsharp mask and High pass on the same layer, just enought until some halos shows up and use the Blend If option to get rid of those.

  • user image

    I am so impressed! Thank you very much Aaron.
    You managed to cover so many interesting things. And as for your technique
    about skin retouch (I mean using a brush and new layer) it saves so much time! I
    also did this thing before, but I used completely different technique with
    blur, green ot red channel and with high-pass and finally with soft lights. So
    I did millions of operations to achieve the same effect that you did in a
    minute. So
    thank you very much!!!!

  • user image

    Helt fantastiskt vad du ger mig inspiration! Folk brukar säga att jag är bra i Photoshop, men när jag har sett det du gör så känner jag mig som en nolla! Men på ett positivt sätt såklart! 🙂 Du är kung! Jag ska beställa lite material av dig tror jag. Nu har jag insett att du har talang på riktigt! Den här episoden var helt klart bäst av alla du har lagt ut! Jag satt och log för mig själv och drog genast igång Photoshop! Tack för bra web-tv!


    • user image

      Why are you writhing in Swedish on a US website with a US host? I mean i like what you say but i dont know if our host does…. Have a nice one! =)