What are Photoshop actions?
A Photoshop action is a tool/sequence designed to enhance & enrich an image in Photoshop, all just a click of a button. Photoshop actions allow you to save time while editing and achieving a more consistent and professional look. An action automatically executes several steps at once, allowing you to get a desired result without having to do each step manually. Photoshop actions can also allow you to get the same amazing looks as some of your favorite photographers & retouchers with just a single click!

What are the differences between actions and textures?
While actions execute a series of steps to achieve a desired look to your image, textures are unique images that are applied as a layer on top of your main image. Textures can transform an image by creating a new look or feel, such as clouds, light rays, cracks, and scratches. Some of the #phlearnmethod actions include textures in them which achieve the same effect.

Are the #phlearnmethod actions & textures compatible with PC & Mac?
All of the #phlearnmethod actions and textures are fully compatible with PC and Mac.

What software is required to use the #phlearnmethod Actions & Textures?
All of our actions and textures are designed to be used with Adobe Photoshop CS6, CC, and CC2014.

Can I use your actions & textures on images for commercial use?
We encourage creativity and want our Phamily to apply the #phlearnmethod Actions & Textures to enhance their own images for personal or commercial use, especially if you tag us and use the hashtag #phlearnmethod when publishing them! Images used for commercial use must be flattened, per our terms of use. The #phlearnmethod actions & textures may not be used in templates for sale or to make new actions, textures, or presets.

How do I receive my actions & textures, after I’ve purchased them?
After you’ve purchased an action or texture from Phlearn, you will be able to download your products from the order confirmation and/or receipt screen. You will also immediately receive an email with a link to download your purchased item(s). If you have an account on www.Phlearn.com and made your purchase while logged in, your purchases will forever be available under your “My Downloads” section.

Can I share actions, overlays, and presets that I’ve purchased with a friend or relative?
The #phlearnmethod actions, textures, and tutorials are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Sharing any content constitutes a breach of copyright and is strictly forbidden.

Will purchased actions and textures work with future versions of Photoshop?
Our actions and textures are designed to be forward compatible and work with future versions of Photoshop; however, we cannot guarantee future compatibility. If a future compatibility problem does happen, you can be sure we’ll be working feverishly to update our products!

How do I unzip the file to retrieve my actions, overlays, and presets?
Our #phlearnmethod actions and textures involve multiple data files and need to be compressed into a single .zip file for organizational, and storage purposes. Most computers already have built-in .zip extracting software, making it easy to open .zip files. If your computer does not have built-in .zip extracting software, you can download them online for your PC or Mac using the links we have in our Full Frequently Asked Questions page.

What is your replacement policy if I lose my Pro Photoshop Tutorials, #phlearnmethod actions, or textures?
We encourage everyone to make a backup copy of their purchased items after the initial download. However, we understand that hard drives crash and files get lost, which is why we added your purchases to your account history if you register with Phlearn. If you lose your files, simply log in to your Phlearn account to access your purchases in your “my downloads” section.