To transfer videos and other files to an Android device, you need to ensure that the USB Storage Mode is on or that the SD Card is mounted. (Every device is different). For this write up we used the tool, Android File Transfer

Connect your device to the computer using the USB Cable that comes with it. You’ll receive a notification from the computer that the USB is connected. (Install the device if directed to do so).

When the android smartphone is connected as USB Storage, the screen will indicate that the USB storage is in use and you’ll receive a notification. Pull down the notification bar on your Android and choose USB Connected or USB Connection

USB Connection

Touch Turn on USB Storage (or Mount, USB Mass Storage, Disk Drive depends on the device you use) to confirm that you want to transfer files to the smartphone or tablet.

Mass Storage

Now you’ll see the green Android image turn to orange and the screen should read USB Storage in use. You can now copy your files back and forth. Just copy the proper folders needed to your Device. As you can see in the image below, we created a folder in the MOVIES Directory labeled PHLEARN and put our Tutorials there.

Phlearn Folder

Disconnect your Smart phone or tablet and then use your File Browser to navigate to the folder you placed the tutorials and enjoy!