First you need to move the movie files to your iTunes library if they are not already there. Start by opening the folder containing the movies.

Phlearn Files


Open iTunes and select the MOVIES section, then select and drag the Phlearn Pro Video Files from the original folder and drop them in the iTunes Window.  Wait for the transfer to complete (you can see the status of the transfer in the   temporary window that pops up).

iTunes Movies

Connect your Mobile device with the USB Cable that came with it.  Choose your device from the drop-down list available (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and check the “Sync Movies” box under the Movies tab of your mobile device in iTunes.

Sync Movies

Select the movies that you want to add to your device by clicking on them and then hit the “APPLY” button to transfer your movies from iTunes to your iPhone/iPad/iPod

iTunes Selections

Once the Sync is complete you’ll be able to view your tutorials using the VIDEOS app on the iPhone/iPad/iPod.