Feb 14, 2012

How to Use Gels

Change Up Your Lights

Its very easy to mess up an image by using a gel too directly and by using too many colors. This episode covers how to use them in a subtle way to change the overall mood of your photos and which lighting works best.

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  • 0:00- Ferdinand Magellan
  • 0:30- Explanation of gels and how to use them
  • 2:00- Gel grades
  • 3:15- Light setup
  • 4:10- Using full power with orange gel
  • 4:30- Using complimentary colors
  • 5:20- Softbox lighting
  • 6:20- Let us know if you have any examples!

How to Choose Colors

Complimentary colors always work well together. Try using a warm and cool combination when choosing which gels you want to use, and combining them in a way that makes sense. Colors are much easier to get right by using a color wheel and planning out your final image before you start.  You can also try placing the warmer tones in the foreground and cooler in the back, or vice versa.


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