May 18, 2012

How to Make A Great Family Photo

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Before and After

phamily Photo

Today we’re editing Michelle’s image! If you would like to see one of
your photos edited on Phlearn please submit the unedited version here

Episode Timeline

* 0:55- Getting started with a list of things to fix
* 1:40- Cropping in
* 2:00- Removing the leaves in front of her face
* 3:10- Using the Brush Tool
* 4:55- Marquee Selection to make an accurate edge
* 5:35- Blurring the edge
* 6:00- Clone Stamp vs Brush
* 7:00- Adding Hair
* 8:20- Detail in the sky
* 9:05- Blend If
* 10:25- Creating more leaves
* 11:50- Changing the Color using Levels
* 13:10- Hue changes
* 14:20- Warming up the photo
* 15:25- Adding blur
* 15:50- Brightening her Face

Removing Distractions

The first thing I do with every image is Highlight what I want to
change. This helps me remind me what was sticking out to me later once
I have stared at the photo for awhile. Sometimes the small flaws, like
the leaves right in front of her Face, can take away from the focal
point. See the best ways to remove small things like that using the
Clone Stamp tool and Brush Tool by making a Marquee Selection and
painting over what you want to change. There are some great ways of
adding Texture back but for this photo we really didn’t need to. To
learn more about Skin editing check out one of our Pro tutorials!

Color Toning

Sometimes all you need to make a photo more “artsy” is some subtle
Color changes. First I’ll change the Color of the sky using paint and
Blend If, and then adjust the Hue accordingly. Levels and Curves are a
great Tools for adding color, today we’ll put some yellow into our
Highlights and blue in the Shadows.


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    Dre was in the lab, with a pen and a wacom tablet, trying to get his damn label off.

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    Rob Schut

    I have my doubts about this.

    Check this:
    It’s fall (Autumn if you’re English 😉 and as you can see on the original picture the colors (colours 😉
    are a bit blue-ish , the kid has warm clothes and the there are dry leaves so we are somewhere in October (if this pic is taken on the northern hemisphere).

    Adding this “Ïnstragram” yellow-ish color mask you turn this into a summer image.
    It just does not make sense.