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By Pawel

“One of those days when you don’t have a model but you have an idea and the remote.”

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  • user image
    Thom Morris

    Here’s my entry for The Halloween Contest. By a coincidence, I just finished this piece a week or so ago so it was waiting for this contest.

  • user image
    Shiva Ramachandran

    Hi Aaron,

    I am an amateur photographer who was asked to help out with fashion photography and would like to edit this picture to look more professional. Could you please help?


  • Cheri

    Created this only yesterday just for Halloween and we just love Halloween our son was born on that day.. This is a composite from an early morning Brean Beach, and a art sculpture of a girl being attacked by seagulls, She was part of a Banksy art display called Dismaland. we had hoped it would travel around the uk, but it was only on for 6 weeks. We were one of the lucky ones to see it all, Hope you like it. xxx

  • user image

    Trying again since I think my last file was too big. Just got done working with the Ultimate Retouching Guide and decided to apply what I’d learned about Makeup Application to create a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Catrina or Sugar Skull look on my favorite model.

  • user image

    My entry for the Halloween Contest is a self portrait I created. Some may see it as a head in a crystal ball or a astronaut, but I thought the imaginative quality of this piece was perfect for this contest.

  • user image

    captured this picture at the right moment (I think), there was no need for editing.

  • user image

    This is my picture for the contest. It is a picture of my cousin who dressed up like a scary clown/Joker.

  • user image

    Photographer – Daniel Erman
    Location – Hampstead Heath, London, UK
    Models – Jonny Vieco, Harriet Lymer Smith

    A personal project I worked on using Hampstead Heath’s moody setting at sunset. Positioning the models in the poppy grass, I tried to create a picture that speaks on many different levels. I worked with two fantastic models, both with previous acting experience to really try and relate to my envisioned idea.

  • user image

    I made this photo of my young sister 2 days ago. We selected the costume for the halloween neight. So we took pictures and i was charmed how her eyes look in the dim light.
    Finally she decided for a witch costume with paler skin.

  • user image
    Sebastian Sitnicki

    I painted my girlfriend face with white paint, and this is a result.

  • user image

    For my Halloween Contest Photo submission, I am submitting my photograph called “Nightmare woods” . My inspiration for this shot was taking a image that would appear to be a pleasant dream and use overlaying edit to change the feel into something almost evil ; something that would cause nightmares.

  • user image

    Here is my photo for the Halloween Photo Contest, “Shaman”

  • user image

    There was this one time when I felt like I had to wear a gas mask and look weird.

  • user image

    I love this picture and you guys do to 😀
    Made this picture back in spring, but i think it has something Halloween over it, maybe it’s the guys face impression or something.
    Keep up the good work and good luck to anyone who’s inters

  • user image
    Christopher "GoodKnews" Cardwell

    Halloween shoot me and my make up artist put together. i call it the skeleton bride. very simple shot with a gridded beauty dish directly over the top.

  • user image


  • user image
    Niko Gutkin

    Hi, this is my take on Halloween, i took a picture of my best friend in a forest, he was holding an umbrella in a very scary way. well see for yourself.
    Phlearn, i wish if just could win your awesome mug!
    Thanks. 🙂

  • user image

    Sometimes the cutest of creatures are the vilest nightmare creators.

    I love Halloween. I love makeup. I love horror and turning my son into something truly ‘scary’.

  • user image
    Kimberly Johnson

    Jayden dressed as Ironman for Halloween. The orange flames happened accidentally.

  • user image

    My name is Adrián, i’m an artist from Spain and that’s my design for your contest, hope you like it.

  • user image
    Jefferson Freitas

    Aproveitando as brincadeiras com os vampiros brilhosos de twilight. A foto mostra as duas faces de vampiros, os tradicionais macabros e os “brilhosos”.
    (Se puder desconsiderar a resolução fico grato)

  • user image
    nikos Lds

    Hello Phlearn !Greetings from Greece!Here is my photo for the contest!, hope you like it

  • user image
    Panos Vassilopoulos

    Here is my submission for the Haloween contest ! Go Phlearn ! 🙂

  • user image

    This Photo is from my personal self portrait series about lifes expectations.

  • user image

    Hey! This Photo was taken during the project week at our school. We put my girlfriend on top of a small table and took it out afterwards, it really was fun!
    Greetings from Germany and happy halloween!

  • user image
    Brian Fortak

    This is a photo I took while I was experimenting with surreal photography. It was real fun to take, with all the looks we got from people and even more fun to edit afterwards.

  • user image
    James Ewer

    A European Eagle Owl, Image shot in Kent, England. Canon 600d EFs 60mm Macro F2.8

  • user image

    Hi Phlearn, this is Leonie a good friend of me. So we made an dramatic shooting in a basement at a castle in Innsbruck (Austria), its called “Schloss Ambrass”. best regards Steve

  • user image
    Edward Faulkner

    This image is a visual concept of the voices within our own head. The ones that try and manipulate us in trying to make the wrong decisions, and the struggle of choosing right from wrong.

  • user image
    Bryan Kohlman

    I just recently started out and I don’t have a camera yet so this was taken on my phone, I can’t tell if it’s any good or not but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to upload it anyways!

  • user image

    This is my halloween shoot from last year, It acually is a contest of mine.
    People can submit to my site and I pic a winner, this girl is working in a District Survey office and never modeld before.
    The blood is made of honey, four, soy & syrup all is easy cleand with hot water and nothing is ruined
    Thank you very much!

  • user image

    I was at a sci fi/horror convention and saw her in the elevator and asked her if she would come to our booth so i could photograph her- i took a few shots and by the time i turned around she was gone – i never got her name :/

  • user image
    Vince Hooley

    Look out Charlie Brown the great pumpkin has arrived and It’s not what you expected.

  • user image

    “The Eyes Of Death” This photo was taken for a project in my English Class. The skull is from Mexico, and I put one of my hoodies around it to make it seem scary. In the skull is my hand, which is covered with a black tube sock. One of my proudest pictures.

  • user image

    “The Eyes of Death” This photo was taken for a project in English class. I took the photo by putting a black tube sock on my hand, which was positioning the skull, and putting one of my hoodies over it. One of my proudest works.

  • user image

    One of those days when you don’t have a model but you have an idea and the remote 😉
    Hope you like it!

  • user image

    my boss and i channeled a little bit of Freddie for halloween

  • user image

    This one’s called The Beast. It’s a B.C. Rich Beast bass guitar that’s been inhabited by bats!

  • user image
    ritesh kukreti

    i love ur work …alll that i learn in photoshop…is by viewing ur youtube photoshop tutorials……

    thank u soo much….

    love …

  • user image
    Najam Saqib

    This image is completely made by me with photo manipulation in photoshop.