Mar 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Phlearn

It’s Our Birthday!

Three years ago who would have thought this could happen. It’s because of our passion, and your support Phlearn is alive. As our gift to you, we have great sale going on during  03/18/14 – 03/23/14 . Always remember your passion is your gatekeeper to your future. Share a story below about how you met Phlearn, or what keeps you coming back. We are constantly searching for way to make Phlearn better for your convenience.

Until Then,

Keep Phlearning

-Phlearn Crew


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    Happy B-day! I am a much better photographer because of the stuff I have learned on phlearn. Thanks!

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    Sa Ga

    Happy Birthday to the whole Phlrean nation and thanks for everything, because of Phlearn I am a much more skilled full time photo retoucher. Thanks again and keep on Phlearniiiiiiiing.

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      Hi Sa Ga!

      Thanks so much for the birthday greeting! Yes! Keep on Phlearning!!

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    Lorenz Onyekachi

    Happy Birthday Phlearn!
    Honestly, I really can’t remember how i came across you guys but i’ve been following you for 2years now and it’s been getting better and better. Aaron was the first person to help me crack the mystery of the “Curves” Adjustment. Thanks! Tell Kat Philipinas that she’s very beautiful and i love her presentations.
    Congratulations Guys,
    Phlearn you later!

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      Hi Lorenz!

      Thank you so much for the greeting and sharing your story! We are blessed to have you as a fan! And thanks for the compliment ! 😉


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    Just cant stop watching your tutorials!! they are great! Just want to say thank you and keep up the great work. You guys have taught me so much and improved my editing leaps an bounds 🙂

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    Michaell Frost Nielsen

    I should have known about you guys 3 years ago. I have SOOOOO many tutorials to catch up to, and i really dont mind. I could watch you again and again 🙂