Feb 13, 2014

High Fashion Photography Lighting

Shooting with Fire

Here is a behind the scenes of our latest “High Fashion” pro tutorial. See how we lit these amazing images and learn how to do it yourself.

To see the post processing check out our Pro Photoshop Tutorial Fashion Retouching, which includes all of the following:

  • Complete Photoshop Tutorial – Over 3:30 Hours of Step-by-Step instruction
    • Image 1: Walking Out of Vault – Object Removal, Retouching, Lighting and Coloring
    • Image 2: Laying with Fire – Retouching, Object Coloring, Lightening, Sharpening
    • Image 3: Standing in the Vault – Image Cleanup, Creating Texture from Scratch, Lighting Effects, Skin Tone Matching, Sharpening
  • 5 Separate Lighting Instructional Videos – Including 3d lighting diagrams and explanations.
  • Lessons Learned – Candid style video explaining what we learned on the photo shoot.
  • Original Images – 3 Images Included for Practice
  • Custom Brush – Retouching Brush


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    Rob Schut

    Nice tut.
    Love the Cinema 4 D drawing, made everything so clear and it looks professional.
    (Aaron loved your scribbling form the past but this is just a step better 😉
    Maybe you could mark the lights with 1, 2, 3 etc. and mention that when you are explaining the set-up. Just a thought.
    Keep up the good work.

  • user image
    Craig Fouts

    Aaron maybe you should explain the ratio’s of your lights so people could understand your lighting a bit more. Not power of the lights but your overall ratios based off the subject that is being lit.

  • user image
    Sasha Oleksiichuk

    video is nice and picture is really great! but I’d like to know where was placed turquoise gel in parabolic softbox? inside right in front of strobe? white cover doesn’t block it too much?