Nov 03, 2011

How to Complete Your Image

Today we cover why some things are best saved for the END of an edit.
Throughout my history of learning Photoshop and Photography, I have a tendency to rush things. With editing, this can really hurt good process. There are things that need to be done first and things that need to be done last in order for everything to come out right. Experience is the best teacher, and I am sharing mine. Doing things the wrong way around is like putting frosting on a cake before you put it in the oven. Not gonna work.

Here are a few things that are best saved for the end.
Sharpening – If done too early it can really mess up your image quality.
Coloring – Make sure your image looks good in Black and White first
Adding Noise, Blurs, Other effects – you want these to hit everything equally
Textures – These work best when applied evenly to everything.

How do you know when you are done with a photo? Use the step away method ūüôā

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  • user image

    Thanx for the vid. Loved it and I think shorter bitesized video’s are better then long ones, they can fit in a busy schedule much easier. And the content sticks better in your memory then a long one.
    I end my pics mostly with a sharpen overlay if necesary and my logo. Thats kind of me saying “enough editing fo now, this is it” as I tend to keep editing for ages if I don’t watch out.

    • user image

      Looks like I’m going against the grain with everyone else, but I like the current format and 10-20 mins each day is not much time to put aside for anyone who is dedicated to learning photoshop. If you can’t spend that much time learning, you probably don’t have time to edit Anyway. I watch everyday and feel a bit ‘shortchanged’ by any thing less than 5 mins… Except when you did your 4 minute celebratory chair dance for 6 months of Phlearn. That was hilarious… Nearly said awesome!

      • user image

        I totally agree, 10-20 minutes is not too much to time to put aside for learning Photoshop.

        • user image
          Ben Leavitt

          I don’t think the length of the video matters as long as it is CONCISE. There are definitely certain concepts that take longer to explain than others such as compositing, matching colors and perspective that are well worth watching you figure them out. If the tutorials are shorter I fear some of them may lose the “why” aspect behind the technique.

  • user image

    My son at daycare has this once a week themes going on. Every day from Monday to Thursday they learn a small short techniques that leads to the big picture on Friday. Maybe this is what Phlearn can do. One technic everyday, will last like 5-10 min max and comes Friday the complete picture that can last for 20min or more. This way if Friday and Saturday we are all out at least we can catch it up on Sunday morning.

  • user image
    Jostein Askjer

    Thanks for your videos Aaron! I am quite new to compositing and I am really struggling to know when I`m done… I think I`m getting there on this one. Any suggestions?¬†

    • user image
      Paul Liebrand

      You are the only one that will know whether it is done or not.¬† That fact that you are questioning it tells me your gut is tell you it’s not quite there yet. If you want some constructive feedback then, in my opinion, it seems like you need to do a little bit more color balancing / matching.

  • user image
    Oscar Murray

    Personally, i love the longer episodes BUT i do probably have more time than most people as i am a student and dont really do much except art and photography. Though i usually do multi task and for when its only the talking i will be doing some edits or browsing and listen like its the radio which is good if it works for you  i guess. If you could get the same amount of information into shorter videos; im sure it would help a whole lotta people and not really put anything at a disadvantage except for not getting some of the natural feel that you bring. I think your attitude to phlearn and making videos is exceptional so make sure that isnt lost in shorter videos, loved this tips by the way so thanks!

  • user image

    I am on board with shorter vids. I think that a weekly theme broken down into small pieces would be great.

  • user image
    Jack Temple

    If you can still bring the hot Phlearn awesomeness and cut the videos down in length, it would be much appreciated! You do a good enough job explaining things to carry on at a quick pace without losing us. We’re a society with a deficiency of attention, so play into that. More importantly, save yourself some time to check out Chicago… I think you’d enjoy Wicker Park.

  • user image
    Logan Westom

    Shorter would be better. Let PHLEARN PRO be longer and go into super high detail. I watch everyday and to be honest I fast forward through most of it and only watch about 2-4 minutes of the video each day. If you only posted once a week I would want long but since I watch everyday I only got so much time.

  • user image
    Yo MAMA

    Average adult attention span online is between 8 seconds and 1 minute.  So I guess shorter is better

  • user image
    Milla K

    It’s not so much the time as it is the quality of the content. I usually do have time to watch longer episodes too, but the content is what matters. If you can bring it in a shorter time, then do so. If not, then whatever, I’ll watch it anyways and jump over the chitchat I’m not interested in. ūüėÄ Not that your chitchat is always boring or anything.¬†

  • user image
    Angela Butler

    Totally loving this week Aaron. Totally excited to see your cloud ad shot whenever you’re able to post it.

    Videos becoming shorter is an excellent idea. It would personally benefit me because I know I am behind on a lot of videos, and there’s definitely over 20 that I need to catch up on because I just didn’t have the time of day to watch them (full time student). You’re the best man! ūüėĬ†

  • user image

    yes, shorter videos.. I usually skip to the editing part anyway ūüėČ no offense. ¬†Save the updates for newsletters because I still would like to know!

  • user image

    I’m not opposed to shorter episodes as long as we don’t lose the good photography/photoshop information AND the comedy stylings of Aaron Nace.

  • user image
    Oscar Wall

    Since you can watch a video whenever you want, and how many times you like, I don’t feel like long videos interrupt my life that much. If you don’t have time to watch a 15 minutes long video, you definitely don’t have time to edit a photo at that time either. I love phlearn because you explain things so much better than the best videos you find at youtube for example. But of course, quality over quantity. I’m convinced that however you do these videos they still would kick the color mode out of every other photoshop tutorial online!¬†

    Really great work you’re doing here!¬†

  • user image
    Andrea Baccara

    I only suggest to upload it on youtube. Youtube offer the possibility (that Vimeo don’t) to skip directly to the middle of the video without wait that all the video is charged. When you haven’t a lot of time should be helpful, imho.

  • user image

    I actually like the videos just the way they are right now… It amazes me sometimes when people complain about the length of a video for a tutorial…It’s free people…. geez. How about if you had to pay for the tutorials, would you still complain about how long it was or about how short it was, considering the money you’re paying for said tutorial?

    Aaron, look, if you feel you need to make the videos shorter, do it because YOU need to. I’d sit through a half hour of your tutorials, if I knew it was benefitting me and the work I would be able to do after… and because of you and your daily Phlearn¬© Tuts, and several of your PhlearnPro¬©, my work has seen new light… sort of speak.. LMAO!¬†

    I enjoy your ramblings while you teach, because it makes me feel like you’re actually in my studio, teaching me, face to face, like a member of my family. Not like a person on the screen that knows nothing about me and doesn’t care…and is all about the money.

    All I can say is, if you are going to make them shorter, try this:

    Monday: 20-30 min. vid, 
    Tuesday-Thursday: 10 minute vids. 
    Friday:A 30 minute tutorial with the challenge, an overview of the week,¬†and a nice, “Hope you enjoy your weekend” ending…¬†

    Peace and Love, Fam!! 


    Ps… Because of you, my work gets better… here’s a portrait of my youngest daughter…

  • user image

    Dude I just have to say thank you!!! Really Amazing tutorials, by the way I’m¬†OK¬†with a 5 minutes¬†¬†tutorial¬†¬†to start the week follow by 20 minutes at the end of the week to recap.

  • user image
    Priscilla Lumbreras Fern√°ndez

    How many people that see Phlearn also see ‘How I Met Your Mother’?¬† How
    many see ‘The Big Bang Theory’? Or any sitcom? That is 20 minutes…
    can you teach us in 5-10 minutes? I think not to much. Ok, maybe if you
    focus in the tutorial and you tell us only the most important parts
    it’s possible that you could do the tutorials in 5 minutes. But I think
    that Phlearn is special because is not that kind of web.
    We know a
    lot of webs that do this kind of things, how many people follow this
    webs every day? Not much… In that kind of webs you search an specific
    tutorial when you need specific help.
    I like Phlearn because is different.
    think that is good to ask people about this kind of things, but… you
    have to do that you want to do. Follow everybody’s request are
    impossible, there will be people that want shorter videos, longer
    videos, that you only put the videos on the weekend, that you put the
    videos on an specific hour in the day, that you jump in one leg meanwhile you do the tutorials… It’s important to want get better, but it’s very important to do what you really want to do, and if it works who cares about the rest.

    One question, how many visits have this video? how many people tell you
    that they prefer shortest videos? I didn’t thing about saying anything
    until (for curiosity) I’ve read people’s opinion. Maybe there are a lot
    of people like me that like the time of your tutorials and didn’t say

    Ps. Chris, we will miss you. 

  • user image
    Mike Fendt

    Yo Aaron, how about this for a time idea? ; 
    Monday, 5-10 mins on camera set up and subject set up. 
    Tuesday, 5-10 mins on lighting the shot and flash tricks
    Wednesday, 5-10mins on image selection and start to edit
    Thursday, 5-10 mins on editing the image 
    Friday, 15-30 mins on finishing the edit and general round up and competitions etc.. 

    I think that this may make it more personal to every one a look into your work as a photographer and as an editor, also every one can comment on the weekly progress to learn from the there tips as well as yours and maybe you might get a little “i did not think of that” moment.¬†

    I love the 15/20 minute long videos but im also very busy and I do try and catch up as and when I can (normally Sundays lol) so some thing quick as a 5 minute video would be ideal for some thing in the week day from just sitting on the toilet with the iPhone (yes we have all done it) to sitting on a bus for 10mins. 

  • user image
    Andrea Peipe

    I actually made a cloud out of cotton wool yesterday… but I was not 100% happy with it, I think if I had used a light in it or something it would have been better! ūüėČ Cannot wait to see if you do something like that for your sleep-dream job!

    Ever since I started watching Phlearn, I have learnt so many new steps that I generally use in my editing now! Phlearn rocks! ūüėÄ

  • user image

    Keep it short. ¬†No announcements. Keep your announcements in the description (also include contest winners, etc. basically information not related to the tutorial in case we want to rewatch the tutorial, it’s annoying to try to fast forward to the real tutorial part etc.)

    • user image

      Dude it’s a “TV show,” just jot down what time the actual tutorial starts and save it for future reference.