Jul 09, 2013

How To Fix Colors Using the Colorize Function in Photoshop

How To Fix Colors Using the Colorize Function in Photoshop

You probably know about the Hue & Saturation adjustment layer, but are you aware that it can be used to colorize? By checking the colorize box, you can change the hue and saturation of your image to match one specific color. We have a lot of great colors from the paint in this picture by Robert Ojeda, but they become a bit desaturated once they hit the subject’s skin. This makes him appear a bit bruised.

We can bring color back to the skin by creating a Hue & Saturation adjustment layer and colorizing the image to a nice blue color that matches the paint. We obviously don’t want this to affect the entire photo, so by creating a black layer mask and painting white on the skin, we can get it to look exactly the way we want.

Now, we’re going to add some green to the highlights by creating another Colorize layer but this time setting it to a green color. Since we only want it to show up on the highlights, we can use blend if and move the sliders so it only shows up where the underlying image is brighter.


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    Alex Hochstrasser

    Another short and sweet tutorial by Aaron Nace. Always a solid job, man!

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    Jake Hicks Photography

    Thanks again Aaron, another great use for ‘blend if’!

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    i am very glad to you for teaching all you know in photoshop, please excuse my bad english but i do my best to follow und understand all you say sometimes it goes to fast for me, but anyway thanks to you for all.