Jan 28, 2013

Match Your Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Photo Perfectly

Using Screenshots

font–Size: 13px;”>The secret to getting your cover photo and profile photos to blend together seamlessly is using screenshots. This will enable you to bring an image of your actual Facebook page into Photoshop and save your images at the correct Sizes.

To do this on a Mac, hit Shift + Command + 4. If you’re on a PC, use the Snipping Tool. Use the crosshairs to select the area you want to bring into Photoshop, that’s it!


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  • user image
    Guillermo Herrera

    instead of lowering opacity to line it up… you should change the blending mode to difference and move the top layer until solid black, that means the top and bottom are aligned… but great tutorial

  • user image
    Mikkel Emil Erbs-Madsen

    Just a quick help… You don’t need to make a new layer to align something to the middle… You can just load your selection, then change to the move tool, and the same options will be available.

  • user image
    Chip Chase

    Longest and most drawnout procedure… you make it look so difficult and elongated. It can be done in less than 5 minutes with ease… around a third of the length of time it takes us to watch your tutorial video 🙂

  • user image
    Chuck Nicholas

    Great tutorial Aaron, you are a stickler for detail and I like that…

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  • user image

    Did it in less than two minutes with Paste Into procedure… download your cover photo, printscreen your facebook profile, marquee the profile section, copy the cover and paste it into the marquee. Delete the other layers, crop the extra size and voila. Also, you need a bit of burning since they added that shadow on the base of your cover photo.

  • user image
    Rakesh Bidnoor

    hello sir, now your tutorial becoming addict to me.
    please sir teach us that how to make manipulation im asking you on behalf of all your fans.
    thank you.