Mar 30, 2012

Retouching A Headshot- Part 1

let’s Start off With Skin for Retouching

Yesterday we had a huge photoshoot here at the studio with 3 models and a few different Backgrounds. For this episode I’ll start editing one of the headshots in an Erwin Olaf inspired Style, by Retouching her Skin and brightening it up. We’ll also change the Colors using Adjustment Layers, and choose them specifically for our Highlights and Shadows.


  • 0:20- What today’s all about
  • 1:50- Opening our image in Camera RAW
  • 2:00- Our lighting setup
  • 2:30- The feel we are aiming for
  • 4:30- Listing everything I want to fix
  •  5:20- Using the Healing Brush Tool with Skin
  • 8:00- Blending in Makeup and Skin tone Variations
  • 12:00- Editing our Colors different combinations of Adjustment Layers
  • 13:10- Blend If
  • 14:40- Making selections based on value

What Would You Like to See?

If there’s a technique you would like to see or have suggestions on what can be edited with this image please let us know in the comment box below!

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