How To Think of AWESOME Photo Shoot Ideas!

A few months ago, way before I become an intern for Phlearn, I submitted a video for a weekly contest called, “Change Someone’s Life Today.”  I was inspired by the way Aaron taught people through his videos on Phlearn and how much he helps people every day.  I was also inspired by a photographer & college professor, Andy Bloxham, who visited my college to talk to us about his process and how he thinks of ideas for his photos.

In this video, I explain what I learned from Andy Bloxham, my personal thought process behind my photo shoots, and just how to get inspired in general.

By: Jenna Petrone
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    I base my Restless Dreams series off of the random dreams I have as well. If you have a tablet there is a sketch program that is perfect for  jotting down quick ideas. 

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    Erika Edgerley

    This is some good advice. Thanks for pointing out the part about asking other photographers for help. Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget that a lot of professional photographers started out small and got to where they are by asking for the advice and help of others, so why wouldn’t the be happy to repay the favor? I guess it’s easy to think, why would they wan’t to help little ol’ me?

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    Cissy / Amara-Photos

    THANKS x a LOT !!!! The start of my day was crumpy, and this made it U-turn to the positive side : ) Very inspirational!!! Tomorrow Ramadan starts here in Qatar, and it is a project I did last year. Now I want to elaborate on it and – yep – improve the photos. Getting anxious as I learnt a lot last year, but still feel so unprepared to go and make a stronger series. However, now I am just going to the store and treat myself on the nicest sketch books I can find : ) : )    I used to do this for my work in communication, but never thought about to use this technic for getting inspiration/planning for photography. Brilliant! Sure it’s gonna work fine for me!!!
    So thanks, and really – your video is perfect and refreshing to watch. As it is non-autocue autentic – even telling you did several takes – it just makes a personal connection with your viewers right away : )   I am happy you posted this one, and not took it a trillion times more to get it to this over-polished everything perfect videos -as it so would have taken the charm out of it. Think – Oscar presenters ‘spontenous’  jokes style (autocued) and you know what i mean ; )      Enjoy your internship at PHLearn, congratulations with landing that one!!

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    Very well done, and great idea with the sketchbook. I always have a notebook with me, never thought of a sketchbook. Think that will change now, and will be put right with the notebook from now on.

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    Great job Jenna! Super inspirational. You’re a great person, keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

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    Caio Kauffmann

    Hallo Jenna! Thanks a lot for your time! This “Dont give up” and “be persistent” things are sure always great to remember from time to time! Good Luck!

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    Jenna this was amazing. I’m just starting to follow my dream of photography, I had always really liked cinema and the special effects and photographs but I never really thought I’d be doing that, my family always pushed me down the ‘business’ part, not so much ‘artistic’, and watching your video has made me think of a lot of things I could do to improve my creativity and think of stuff so I really really thank you for taking your time!