May 22, 2015

Inside Phlearn’s 2015 Fstoppers Workshop: By Nick Amrhein

Everyone on the Phlearn Team knew who Nick was before he even showed up in the Bahamas. He made sure to find us all on Facebook and let us know how excited he was, which is a perfect representation on his personality! Nick was so much fun to work with, and kept a lively and positive mood throughout the few days we all spent together.

After traveling back to Ohio, he put together this awesome recap of the workshop! It embodies the spirit of the experience, and we hope it will give you a little taste of what went on down in Nassau.


If you’d like to know more about Nick or check out his work, Click Here to visit his website!



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    It sound like you guys had a great time there!
    I really liked the video specially that it’s mostly recorded in pov, it really helps imagining the experience. I wish I was there and I can’t wait to see the results.

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    Taposy Rabeya

    How much amazing!! very professional and creative post, thanks for sharing your technique with us. Please keep it continue for help us.