Natalia Seth

Natalia Seth is an 18-year old self-taught photographer whose creations are inspired by her dreams. Her imaginative photos feature a rainbow of colors, unexpected objects, oversized bananas, and… really, anything in an out-of-the-ordinary and whimsical manner. Her surrealistic composites transport the viewer to unconventional worlds.

Tutorials by Natalia Seth

natalia seth paint splatter compositing

Natalia Seth shows us how she created the paint splash effect in one of her most popular conceptual portraits. Learn how to make accurate selections, adjust color, and match lighting for composites.

Sample Images Included


Aaron sits downs with photographer and Photoshop artist Natalia Seth to discuss her colorful, imaginative work and her rise to Instagram stardom.

Surreal Portrait Compositing with Natalia Seth

Natalia Seth is a creative force of nature. Follow along as she guides through creating four extraordinary self-portraits, teaching compositing, retouching, and stylistic coloring.

Photoshop  |  Compositing  |  Medium  |  4.25 hours  |  23 videos

21 Sample Images  |  14 Photoshop LUTs  |  2 Lightroom Presets   |  1 Photoshop Action

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