Jun 13, 2013

Kelsey’s Summer Photo Project, Pt. 1

Meet Photographer Kelsey O’Brien

Kelsey O’Brien is a junior photography major and advertising minor at West Virginia University, and we’re excited to have her here at Phlearn for the summer. Kelsey will be producing and shooting a large scale photo shoot in the months to come, and in this episode we talk about how she came up for the concept for what she’ll be shooting. Join us as we take you through the entire process!


It can be hard to come up with concepts and inspiration for shoots. Here are some techniques Kelsey O’Brien used to settle on a final concept:

  • Pinterest. Scrolling through images by other artists is a great way to get a spark that inspires creativity. Pinterest also allows you to save or “pin” images you like all to one place for future reference.
  • Looking around. Sometimes picking up a random object can bring on a train of thought that takes you to an entirely new idea that has nothing to do with the thing you picked up in the first place.
  • Talking with friends. Running an idea you have past someone else can add an entirely new viewpoint that you might not have thought of.

Get ready for next week, where we’ll be gathering all of the materials needed for the pre-production stage!

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    hi Aaron, 1st thing I want to say is that I think you have a lot of passion for what you do, you grew Phlearn from nothing into the amazing structure that it is today, around which you bring new things every day and make it even more rich; you are a true professional and all your episodes convey a lot of confidence and attention to the viewer …. sincere congratulations

    going back to the topic, I just wanted to share my recent revelation on the subject of inspiration, perhaps you might find it “inspiring” 🙂 … my revelation came from many sources but the idea is that true inspiration comes from life and nature, not from what others have done; looking at what others have done just sets us in a state where we think like them … at some point we should all stop learning what is already done and start thinking, start creating, not reproducing … as I said, nature is the ultimate example for anything, it’s here before of us and will long be … our daily lives are an unlimited source of happiness and real and relevant things … we just have to observe them 🙂 my 2 cents

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    Alex Hochstrasser

    I’m so stoked for this. I just printed out 10 pages of random ideas from this past year at college. Aaron is a mind reader.