Jul 24, 2013

Kelsey’s Summer Photo Project, Pt. 2

Kelsey’s Summer Photo Project, Pt. 2

Kelsey O’Brien is a junior photography major and advertising minor at West Virginia University, and we’re excited to have her here at Phlearn for the summer. Kelsey is producing and shooting a large Scale photo as part of her internship, and in this episode we talk about the shoot pre-production. Join us as we take you through the entire process of finding models, solving problems, and making it happen!

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Changing Your Concept

Once you get into the pre-production stages of a photoshoot, your concept is 99% likely to change. Kelsey had to alter her concept multiple times in order to settle on something that would be realistic yet still look amazing. You’re also likely to learn a lot about stuff completely unrelated to photography during this stage – Kelsey now knows a lot of terms pertaining to cranes and tree trimming.

3D Modeling

Using 3D modeling can be a great way to help plan out your concept. Once we spent some time to create a quick 3D model of our concept, we were able to tell what Angles we would need to use, etc. If you don’t know how to use a 3D modeling program such as Cinema 4D, no worries! A Pen and paper works just fine.


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