Aug 08, 2013

Kelsey’s Summer Photo Project, Pt. 3

Kelsey’s Summer Photo Project, Pt. 3

Kelsey O’Brien is a junior photography major and advertising minor at West Virginia University, and over the summer we’ve had the pleasure of having her here at Phlearn! If you’ve been following us over the summer, you know that Kelsey has been busy planning her own conceptual shoot. We’ve gone through the conceptualization and pre-production stages, and last week Kelsey actually shot the images needed for the concept. Join us as we take you along on her journey.

Getting Everything Right In Camera

One of the things that Kelsey learned is how important it is to get as much right in camera as possible. This saves time in Photoshop later, but in order to do this you also need to know exactly what you want your finale image to look like.

Using People Who Know What They’re Doing

Rather than using someone who is a professional model, Kelsey used a professional dancer. Using someone who fits the concept is a surefire way to make the pictures better. Mary, the dancer in the photos, has been dancing for years and was able to tell Kelsey what looked good and what didn’t from her perspective. She was also super cool. Having someone who is laid back and not a diva makes a huge Difference when working with people.



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    Bert Drommond Farry

    You could of use DAZ 3d studio for the trees that way U could of got the angle with out a cherry picker renal. Stonemason has some really good trees in some of his stages DAZ does render out with alphas and best of all it’s free and it does have a plug in for Photoshop so U can set it up with the bed in place using the plug in to move the camera around till U get the right angle.