Aug 15, 2013

Kelsey’s Summer Photo Project, Pt. 4

Kelsey’s Summer Photo Project, Pt. 4

Kelsey O’Brien is a junior photography major and advertising minor at West Virginia University, and over the summer we’ve had the pleasure of having her here at Phlearn! If you’ve been following us over the summer, you know that Kelsey has been busy planning her own conceptual shoot. We’ve gone through the conceptualization and pre-production stages, and last week Kelsey actually shot the images needed for the concept. Join us as we take you along on her journey.

Post Production

We are so proud of everything Kelsey has done with her time here at Phlearn. For someone who is relatively new to compositing images together she did an amazing job with this image. She never backed down from her concept, even when it seemed like it was getting too hard. If you have that attitude towards a problem you are bound to solve it.

To create this image Kelsey had to cut out over 20 trees individually from their backgrounds and composite them together into the final image. This is not an easy thing to do and she killed it. She also had to cut out the dancer and align her perfectly with the strings hanging from the hand of the sleeping subject. To make everything come together in a realistic way she even added the shadows of the trees as they fall on the scene.

Kelsey spent many hours bringing this image together from concept to completion and the final image is stunning. We couldn’t be more proud of you Kelsey!

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    Alex Hochstrasser

    That looks awesome. I agree with Aaron that it’s important to stick it out and see an image through to the end.

    My favorite Aaron Nace quote from one of the Phlearn PROs, “First we’re gonna do it the easy way and if that doesn’t work we’re gonna do it the hard way. If that doesn’t work we’re gonna do it the hard way again”. That mindset has been the biggest take away for me from Phlearn and Aaron and I’m glad to see that it has gotten to Kelsey too.

    I really need to write you guys a beaming testimonial one of these days.

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    Ben Hodgson

    Great work Kelsey! The lighting on the trees and the dappled shade on the ground/floor looks really nice. The dappled shade in particular means you can look at it and it both looks indoors, man-made as well as outdoors, organic. Really ties the image together and plays on the theme. Having watched the phlearn on critiquing here goes but first off know I love the image as-is. Have you considered photoshopping in a few faint star constellations into the top right corner thats really dark to hint at a outdoor night’s sky? Might play nicely with the indoors/outdoors theme again and add the the dream-state effect. Also you could consider flipping the dancer vertically so the direction of the lighting would be hitting her face more as well as her leg and bring the focus more onto her face. Compositionally it might not be as strong though. Something to try. All that said, great work and look forward to seeing more from you. Is there somewhere you tend to post your images?

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      Ben Hodgson

      Hmm you think about it for 10 mins and maybe don’t flip the dancer… the rim light on her makes it look more fantastical.