Jul 16, 2012

How to Create a Manual HDR

Working Manually

HDR photos are made using more than one photo merged together for an effect. They typically look very saturated and processed, or a little flat. Today’s episode is all about creating an image that still looks natural, with details in the Highlights and Shadow areas. This gives you a lot of control over how much of an effect you want.

This image was composed of 3 photos, one overexposed, one under, and one properly exposed. The overexposed photo gives us information to use in the Shadow areas while the underexposed does the same for the Highlights. Make sure you don’t move the camera when shooting for an HDR image, use a tripod!

There is a specific order that works best when doing this technique in Photoshop; use the  underexposed photo as the base layer, then the overexposed, and then the correct Exposure.

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    David Platt

    Couldn’t you just use “Apply Image” on the masks so that the overexposed layer is visible where the bottom layer is too dark?

  • user image
    Alan Grech

    Couldn’t you use the “Blend if” tool to blend the different exposures together? Thanks

    • user image
      Aaron Nace

      You guys are learning so much! You could use these tools, there are always many ways to get things done in Photoshop.

      • user image
        Alan Grech

        Thanks Aaron. Your PRO Tutorials are truly amazing! Learnt so much from them. 

        Used the blend if manual HDR and it works quite well…the resulting image is a little flat and needs to have contrast added to it…on the whole, I prefer it to the photomattix blend 🙂

  • user image

    Ive honestly never been a fan of HDR, mainly because its so overdone and not rendered well, flat and cartoonish. I’m glad you presented a more balanced method that produces natural and realistic images. I have a friend who shoots fashion images in HDR,and the results are typically horrible. So Ill share this with him.

    • user image

      You must be viewing some pretty terrible ‘hdr’ styled images.  I see TONS of HDR that have a huge amount of depth too them.  Depends on the angle of the shoot.  Also, a lot of HDR pushes the boundries of realistic and fake to get that WOW factor.  It depends on which style of HDR you look at.  Here is a great example of some depth shown in an image along with pushing the boundries of realism and fake which I personally think looks awesome.  It may look fake for compositing at time, but you will get a much greater stun factor for people looking at it then just a plain old shot. 
      (opinions expressed in this comment are that of myself only)  

  • user image

    Just joined thanks for the video.  Would this be possible to do by under and over exposing a single raw photo? or do you definitely need 3 different photos.

  • user image
    Beatrice Green

    I The camera is a gift, need to know how to operate no manual came with it.