Nov 27, 2012

Meer Verminder by Peter Kemp

Today at Phlearn we have something a little different for our Tuesday Interview.  We’re featuring brilliant and inspirational photographer Peter Kemp.

The project is called Meer Verminder.

Dutch freelance photographer Peter Kemp likes to create pictures that tell stories.  Kemp’s photos have been internationally recognized with Kemp being a finalist at the Hasselblad Masters 2012.  For his last series, Kemp was inspired by the paintings of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.  Vermeer ( 1632-1675) lived in Delft; the same city where Kemp is living now.

This project took 3 months of preparation, creating mood boards and bringing the team together.  Kemp and his team even built their own Vermeer house in 3 days time.  All the props were supplied by people and businesses from around Delft.  It took ten days of shooting with models from Holland, France and Germany to create this series.

To create a proper Background for this project a Vermeer House was constructed in a gym in Rotterdam.  Builder Paul van Solm even added a Stained Glass window to the house.

Text-align: left;”>Painter Annemieke Fierinck was able to create the old looks and antiquated style in the house.  Kemp spent one day testing Lights with assistant Paul en Jordy van Solm before bringing in the models.

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The Team

During the photoshoots Kemp was assisted by 3 Make-up artists , 2 fashion stylist and 1 hairstylist.  He relied on two fashion designers to supply the dresses that matched the period.

The Light

The main Light was created by a strobe reflected into a golden painted umbrella shining through the Stained Glass window.  This created the Soft Light desired in the images. Fill Lights were used when needed, which can be seen in the photo showing the entire set.

That’s everything for today’s feature, but if you’re yearning to learn more about Peter Kemp check out Phlearn Interviews Peter Kemp, his inspirational photographer page, and his website.

By Angela Butler

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