What is the difference between the Old #phlearnmethod Bundle and New #phlearnmethod Bundle released in December 2016?

Since you own the old #phlearnmethod Bundle, you are entitled to a significant discount on the brand new #phlearnmethod Bundle just released.

The old #phlearnmethod was an all around good product. No question about it. But, here at Phlearn we never get comfortable and consider our job done. We are constantly reviewing each product and deciding whether they are the absolute best we are capable of right now.

Aaron continues to improve his skills, every single month. It’s been two years since the original #phlearnmethod Bundle was released and we realized we could rebuild the#phlearnmethod from scratch and make it significantly better.

The new #phlearnmethod Bundle is not only twice as large as the previous, but each Action, Texture, and Preset is built in a more effective, simpler, powerful, and 100% non-destructive way.

Here are some more key differences between the old and new #phlearnmethod Bundle:

  • Lightroom is Here! The biggest difference between the old and new #phlearnmethod is the introduction of a massive suite of Lightroom Presets. These are designed to make your Lightroom experience faster, easier, and stretch your creative abilities.
  • 104 Photoshop Actions & 83 Lightroom Presets: This makes the new #phlearnmethod Bundle double the size of the previous version, including dozens of beautiful new looks that Aaron developed for this update.
  • Fully Compatible: All Actions & Presets have been built to be compatible all the way through the newest versions of both Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Rebuilt From Scratch: All the previous actions were rebuilt from scratch. For months, Aaron has been at his desk and every now and then he would yell out, “I’ve got it!!” He kept discovering better and more clever ways to build each action to make it more customizable, faster, and more refined.
  • Cross Processing, Borders, Vignette: We have added three new categories of looks that you can apply to your images! They are beautiful and we are proud to be able to show them to you.
  • 15 Images from The Incredible Grant Legan: You will get to practice on images from one of Aaron’s favorite photographers. These stunning photos make for the perfect sandbox to test out #phlearnmethod Actions & Presets.
  • Brand New Instruction Videos: Learn side-by-side as Aaron shows you how to master the usage of #phlearnmethod Actions & Presets to make sure you can understand the full power behind each.

Because you supported us with your purchase of the old #phlearnmethod Bundle, you get a very special discount! Email [email protected] for your coupon code.