Sep 18, 2013

How to Cut Someone Out of a Backdrop in Photoshop

Shooting on a Seamless Background

Photographing someone in front of a seamless backdrop is a great way to give yourself options after the shoot is over. If you like the shot as it is, you are free to leave it. If you think your subject may look better on a new background, they will be much easier to cut out if they are photographed on seamless. You can also enhance the seamless idea and make the background completely one color.

In this episode you will learn how to quickly remove someone from their background and place them on all white. The final result is simple yet stunning, a person on a completely white background.

Here are some of the tools we use in this episode.

  • Magic Wand Tool – The fastest way to cut someone out of their background if they are photographed on seamless.
  • Liquify – For a bit of added fun we give Nick a “High Top” in Photoshop using the Liquify Tool.
  • Lasso Tool – Great for making selections that the magic wand tool misses. In this case we use it to select out Nick’s hand from the background.

Final Image


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    Aaron, You mention to not worry about not photographing on a pure white background.
    Is that because it is better to photograph people on a “dirty white” or grayish background for cut outs? Could it be that pure white is more problematic for cutting out hair and leaves more fringing?
    I only ask because you are the second person to mention this.

    Thank you for this tutorial! … and your website. You are a great teacher!