Phlearn Battle: Create Emotional Photographs With Motion Blur

Let’s Get Blurry with Motion Blur

We’re getting blurry this week with two fantastic photos by Paarma and Msvnicks. Both use Motion to convey a sense of mystery about their subjects. What image do you like more, and why?

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New Battle Format

Welcome to Phlearn’s newest format for our weekly battles. The voting and submission process will stay the same, but we’re excited to let you know that we’ll be offering more ways you can better your own photography from now on. We’ll also be reading comments from the phamily, so make sure to explain the reasoning behind your vote and what you think of the images presented in the battle today.

Let us know if you have any suggestions – the purpose of these battles is for the community to learn and grow as photographers!

Monotone Battle Results

Two weeks ago you voted on three amazing images by Petra, Andri, and Sarah. Andri’s photograph depicting a man standing among crashing waves came in first, while it was a close tie between Petra and Sarah. We go over on how using a prop can really shift the meaning of a photo, and how using out of focus elements can help to break apart a monotone image.

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  • user image
    Sarah Allegra

    I voted for Paarma’s photo because I love the deep sense of mystery it exudes. It gives me an unsettled feeling looking at it, and I’m not even sure why. It feels like it could be a film still from a dark, suspenseful movie.

  • user image
    Norbert Csoka

    IMO the walk picture is good, but needs a little more vignetting and some color toning. My eyes jump to the branches and the sky.
    But I voted for Paarma’s photo because of the colors used (cold, generates tension), and it has a Michael Myers look 😀

  • user image
    Pezi Be

    I like Msvnicks’s photo much more because the whole compositions works better for me. I do like the colours a lot and also blur, which is not too much nor too less. The movement makes the photo very interesting and also a bit creepy.

  • user image

    I voted for Msvnick’s phots because, firstly, the composition is great with the path leading the eye from foreground to background. Secondly, The blur adds to the picture, giving the viewer an insight in to the mind and world of the subject.

  • user image
    Joe Berninghausen

    I like the overall feeling of Msvnick’s photo. The sharp BG matched with the moving/blurred subject has an erie feeling to it thats very strong. A later hour would add to that erie feeling.

  • user image
    Sarah Place

    I like both of these images but for me and in light of the topic of this battle Paarma has my vote. I say this because Msvnick’s image, while beautifully composed and with lovely tones, it would look just as good if the subject were not blurred.

    However with Paarma’s I feel the blurred smudginess is what really makes the image. It gives the image an eery sense that would not come across as well without the blur. I also have to disagree with those who said Paarma’s photo is simply just a portrait. Even though it is simple it still resonates with mystery and intrigue. The two beams of light behind him also really add to this sense of mystery and gives us a a bit of insight into the setting rather than it just being a blank wall. What are these lights? Are they coming from a light overhead or are they from double door being opened into this dark room. I find myself wondering who this man is, where he is, how he got there, is he alone. So many questions come to my mind.

  • user image
    Sam Andrastek

    I like the color toning of Msvnicks’s image; she has done a good job of balancing saturation and color (complimentary green & magenta) so that it’s effective, but not overwhelming. However, I think Paarma’s image is just a bit more evocative. The shadows on the subject’s face are just dark enough to shroud his demeanor. The shadows coupled with the blur make the image a bit more compelling and cryptic than Msvnicks’s. Is the subject irate or just sullen? Dejected? Contemplative, perhaps? Is something insidious afoot? The icy blue lights slicing through the darkness behind him add a distinctly paranormal flavor to the overall effect of the image as well.