Oct 21, 2013

Phlearn Interviews Jamie Bayer

Jamie Bayer is Pure Awesomeness

Jamie is a professional Retoucher and Digital Technician based out of our lovely city of Chicago. On top of being uber talented she’s a fantastic person who fits right in with everything Phlearn stands for; hard working and caring, pushing ever harder while staying grounded.

What is a Digital Tech?

There are many roles on set other then photographer on a photo shoot, and they’re all essential for the success of the photo shoot. One of these roles is the Digital Tech, the person who is responsible for many of the technical aspects of the photo shoot. On many photo shoots the photographer acts more as a “Director”, and it is the Digital Tech who is checking focus and exposure, composition, monitoring shot lists and cataloging the files. Often it is also the Digital Tech who reviews the images with the Art Director or client.

Check out more of Jamie’s work at: Portfolio .


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    Digi Op (digital Operator) is what we call the job role in the UK