Mar 21, 2013

Phlearn Interviews Product Photography Genius Rob Grimm

This is part one of a two part interview with product, food, and Beverage photographer Rob Grimm. Rob has been working as a professional photography in the advertising field for 20 years and has worked with large names such as Bacardi, Energizer, and Budweiser. We traveled to Rob’s studio in St. Louis and spoke for hours, covering the ins and outs of the advertising photography industry, client relationships, and finding your own niche in the photography world.

Take an exclusive look behind the scenes of Amazing Beer Photography with Rob Grimm

“Rob Grimm Photography is built upon the creative force that is Rob, with over twenty years in the advertising business under his belt. We take great pride in the images we create, believing that the process of crafting exceptional images is rooted in unmatched production, an open and problem-solving mind, as well as a good sense of humor.”

Stay tuned next week for part two of our interview with Rob, where we’ll cover specific images in his book an ask him questions from the phamily!

Want to see how to make these incredible images?  Check out this Pro Tutorial!

Portfolio Images

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    Bill H

    Great interview. Looking forward to the next part. BTW your posts using YouTube work way better for those of us with less than optimal internet connections. The Vimeo posts took forever to buffer. I would often have to just shut them off out of frustration . I know some people prefer Vimeo, but I’m sure you must have a larger audience with YouTube for this reason. Thank you. Viewing is a much more pleasurable experience now. Also, congratulations on Two Years. You have a great thing going here.

    • user image
      Alex Hochstrasser

      I definitely agree, Bill. Having the videos hosted by Youtube instead of Vimeo has a lot of potential for a larger audience. Personally, I have started revisiting Phlearn more in the past week because all the videos buffer and stream much better now in my college dorm setting. During the school year I don’t have much control over the quality of my internet connection, Phlearn has definitely made a smart move switching to Youtube. This is also an excellent interview and I am excited for part two!

  • user image
    Evan Roth

    Rob, I got a major kick out of your line “get secure with insecurity”! What a very very true thing, that’s the life of a photographer. Thanks for sharing all of your useful insights!