Mar 28, 2013

Phlearn Interviews Product Photography Genius Rob Grimm, Pt. 2

View Part One of Rob Grimm’s Interview

This is part two of a two part interview with product, food, and Beverage photographer Rob Grimm. Rob has been working as a professional photography in the advertising field for 20 years and has worked with large names such as Bacardi, Energizer, and Budweiser. We traveled to Rob’s studio in St. Louis and spoke for hours, covering the ins and outs of the advertising photography industry, client relationships, and finding your own niche in the photography world.

Take an exclusive look behind the scenes of Amazing Beer Photography with Rob Grimm

“Rob Grimm Photography is built upon the creative force that is Rob, with over twenty years in the advertising business under his belt. We take great pride in the images we create, believing that the process of crafting exceptional images is rooted in unmatched production, an open and problem-solving mind, as well as a good sense of humor.”

Stay tuned next week for part two of our interview with Rob, where we’ll cover specific images in his book an ask him questions from the phamily!

Want to see how to make these incredible images?  Check out this Pro Tutorial!

Portfolio Images

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    Alfonso Bonvini

    I’ve loved this second part of Rob interview, and Aaron does again a really polished job in the role of the interviewer~! Love it Love it Love it~! You and your time are the biggest thing on internet today~!

    Too bad for some mysterious reason two of your camera used to film part one seem to had issued in this second part, since the awkward angle chosen (I guess you guys had no choice left whatsoever) make it less enjoyable to watch, ROb has been amputated from the video 🙁 And Arron appear almost only from behind… I would love to have the opportunity to watch your episode on Youtube in HD in the future~!

    Happy Bunny Easter to you all~!

  • user image
    erik jorgensen

    Killer Episode. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see an episode where Aaron shoots only film! i shoot film all the time and while i don’t think it is necessary have shot film to be a good photographer or know about. i i would like to see what Aaron could do with a roll !! maybe a new segment.. Phlearn Challenge

  • user image
    Bill H

    Excellent interview. Aaron…You shine as an interviewer. These last two episodes with Rob didn’t lose my interest for a minute. Rob…Your work is out of the park inspirationally. Just great. Phlearn has grown to be a top knotch web experience, for me anyway, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see more collaboration between you two. Cheers!

  • user image
    Joyce Michaud

    There are few photographers work I look at and cannot ever find one tiny thing out of place. Rob Grimm is one of those photographers. His images are perfect. Clean, crisp, and simple – And it is clear that each and every crumb, “water” droplet, and reflection seems to have been meticulously thought out and perfected. It kind of boggles my mind as I work so differently than him but I 100% admire and appreciate what he can do. Amazing.

    PS – Love these interviews, please keep them coming! As others have noted, Aaron is a great interviewer. It’s something that seems simple – ask questions – but takes a ton of skill to do well. Kudos!