How to View Phlearn PRO Tutorials

Phlearn PRO Tutorials are available in .MP4 Format which should play on your native video player. Simply double-click on the video file to start playing.

If you have any issues viewing your tutorials, we recommend VLC Media Player, it will play just about anything you throw at it. It is a free download for Windows and Mac.

Thanks for Your Feedback!

We would love to hear what you think of your new PRO Tutorial. If you have time, please leave a review on the PRO Tutorial Product Page.


To load the included images into Photoshop, simply click-and-drag it into Photoshop. You can also go to ‘File-Open’ in Photoshop and navigate to the image files.

To load multiple images into one document, navigate to ‘File–Scripts–Load Files into Stack’.  Browse to the included files, select them, and hit ok. They will all load into one document


If your tutorial includes brushes, you will see an extra file with the extension “.ABR”. To load these brushes into Photoshop, simply double click on the .ABR file, and it will open Photoshop and load the brushes.

You may access them by going to ‘Window-­‐Brush Presets’.  They will be at the end of the preset list.


A few Phlearn PRO Tutorials include Photoshop Actions to make editing easier. To load Actions into Photoshop, simply double-click on the .ATN Action file included in the tutorial. Actions can also be added to Photoshop within the program. Navigate to ‘Window-Actions’, click on the Menu icon  and scroll down to ‘Load Actions’. Find the .ATN File included in your PRO Tutorial and double-click it to open. After loading the custom Action into Photoshop, click on the ‘Play’ Icon  in the Action dialog to play the action.

Wacom Pressure Sensitive Tablet

We use Wacom Intuos Pro (Small) Tablets here at Phlearn and we absolutely love them! If you are using a pressure-sensitive tablet for the first time, here are a couple of tutorials to get you started.


If you have any questions about your PRO Tutorial, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section on Phlearn.

If you don’t find the answer to your question there, feel free to contact us.

How Watch Phlearn PRO Tutorials on Android Smartphones or Tablets

To transfer videos and other files to an Android device, you need to ensure that the USB Storage Mode is on or that the SD Card is mounted. (Every device is different).  For this write up we used the tool, Android File Transfer.

Connect your device to the computer using the USB Cable that comes with it. You’ll receive a notification from the computer that the USB is connected.  (Install the device if directed to do so).

When the android smartphone is connected as USB Storage, the screen will indicate that the USB storage is in use and you’ll receive a notification.  Pull down the notification bar on your Android and choose USB Connected or USB Connection

Touch Turn on USB Storage (or Mount, USB Mass Storage, Disk Drive depends on the device you use) to confirm that you want to transfer files to the smartphone or tablet.

Now you’ll see the green Android image turn to orange and the screen should read USB Storage in use.  You can now copy your files back and forth.  Just copy the proper folders needed to your Device.  As you can see in the image below, we created a folder in the MOVIES Directory labeled PHLEARN and put our Tutorials there.

Disconnect your Smart-phone or tablet and then use your File Browser to navigate to the folder you placed the tutorials and enjoy!

How to Watch Phlearn PRO Tutorials on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

First you need to move the movie files to your iTunes library if they are not already there. Start by opening the folder containing the movies.

Open iTunes and select the MOVIES section, then select and drag the Phlearn Pro Video Files from the original folder and drop them in the iTunes Window. Wait for the transfer to complete (you can see the status of the transfer in the temporary window that pops up).

Connect your Mobile device with the USB Cable that came with it.  Choose your device from the drop-­‐down list available (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and check the “Sync Movies” box under the Movies tab of your mobile device in iTunes.

Select the movies that you want to add to your device by clicking on them and then hit the “APPLY” button to transfer your movies from iTunes to your

Once the Sync is complete you’ll be able to view your tutorials using the VIDEOS app on the iPhone/iPad/iPod.