Dec 18, 2014

How the #phlearnmethod Makes Photoshop Simple!

In today’s episode, we go over some of the amazing things you can do using the #phlearnmethod!

Photoshop Made Simple

We created the #phlearnmethod to make photoshop easier for new users.  Not only do you get to use these amazing actions to spruce up your photos, you can also open up each layer and see exactly what went into creating that action.  This is a great way for you to tweak certain features and get the look you are going for.  It’s also a good way to get familiar with photoshop and learn what combination of photoshop techniques work best when trying to achieve a specific look.

Try it out for yourself…for FREE!

You don’t have to spend money to decide if the #phlearnmethod is for you, you can download our FREE sample 5 pack HERE!

Unlimited Possibilities

You can open up every single photoshop layer in the #phlearnmethod and tweak it to fit your needs.  Meaning there are literally over 1 MILLION different combinations possible by using the #phlearnmethod, and this is only the beginning.  Be on the lookout for more free goodies as well as extensions to the #phlearnmethod.   Use the power of over 100 Photoshop actions! Mix and match to create your favorite combinations. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with just a couple clicks!


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    Jeff Kingston

    I purchased the whole Phlearnmethod package, I know how to do make all the adjustments and effects without the actions but sometimes its helpful to just press a few buttons and get a quick idea of what directions to take an image, and having a lot of quick options a click away allows this 🙂
    Thanks Aaron and the good people at Phlearn.

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    Ty wilda

    Picked up the #phlearnmethod bundle when it came out and the features have made my photoshop use a lot smoother. Thanks #phlearn for another winner!

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    I’m still undecided about going with the Plearnmethod. I have invested time and money with Phlearn trying to learn the basics. I’m learning as fast as this old brain can. I know where I want my skills to be. I have confidence that Phlearn will give me good information. If you would be so kind, could you check out this site. tell me if Phlearnmethod can get me there. Thank you for the hours of info and laughter, you inspire me.

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    You guys are making Photoshop a lot more simple than it is . this one is very cool ..
    even a new user for Photoshop can start with this make a simple click and boom ! amazing .. 🙂

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    Don Funderburg

    I see you moving your images around the screen. I must have a setting wrong somewhere because I can only do that with my images is larger than the screen, or I don’t know the correct key combinations. I use the space bar but it only works when the image is bigger than screen. Could you please help? Don

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    How did you guys come up with the idea for the “#phlearnmethod” like what made you think about making packages like these?

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    Douglas Hale

    Hey Aaron,

    Loving the action sets. One thing I’m having an issue with – when I play the action it goes through each and every step and I have to push OK to get to the next step until the action is complete. I would love if it was all just one click like the video. I’ve messed with my action options and I’ve searched the Google and haven’t found the solution.

    Do you have some guidance?


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    Judy H

    After watching this video, I am strongly leaning toward purchasing this. It seems to act as a series of preset filters, but the intriguing beauty of it appears to be it’s ability to both integrate into photoshop & its ability to be modified/adjusted to suit individual preferences. Am I correct in assuming this serves as a plug in, rather than a stand alone software? Also, might this work in conjunction with Affinity Photo? Although I have been self-teaching photoshop over the past few years, I am also trying Affinity Photo for areas where PS features seems either convoluted or simply does not offer certain features.