Background Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Backgrounds play an important role in perception of the image by the audience. Carefully chosen, they help to link the objects at the picture together so that it looks natural and harmonious. Changing a background often leads to complete changing of the entire image. Backgrounds can create a certain atmosphere and the general mood of the image. That is why there is a great variety of Photoshop background tutorials for all tastes and skill levels.

As you understand, the background is a separate layer at the image. So you will always work with the background layer no matter what effect you want to achieve and which tutorial you choose. There are a great deal of tools and methods for editing backgrounds.

First of all, you should be on good terms with the selection tools in Photoshop, as you will certainly need to select either the whole background (for making it transparent, for example) or some concrete objects at the pictures for their further removing. The Brush tool and other painting tools are also in use in such cases, because anyway you have to paint something. And surely you will need to use filter, textures and gradients for designing.

The effects you can reach are also very diverse. Photoshop allows you to create abstract backgrounds, imitate different surfaces (metal or wooden ones), imitate natural elements such as fire or water, create unbelievable lighting effects or just make the background transparent when it is necessary.

Choose some interesting background tutorials and add your creativity, it’s necessary. You should not follow all recommendations. They are collected for you to learn some new useful techniques, while the creative process is in your hand.