Black and White Conversions Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Black and white photography is very popular at the moment. This trick is used in fashion magazines, advertisements, on the pages of web sites, in wedding photo sets. Black and white conversion allows you to achieve such results as retro effect, minimalistic look, make you photos look strict and stylish, or old-fashioned if your photoset is intended to be in this genre.

As it usually happens, there are different methods of black and white conversion in Photoshop. Some of them are destructive, which means you would not be able to correct the image after the conversion was done. Others are non-destructive, allowing changing during your work with the picture after you transform it to black and white. These techniques are based on work with layers and they are definitely more advisable to use. It is always better to have more freedom.

If you ask me, probably the most popular way of black and white conversion among the Photoshop users is the Chanel Mixer. It is a non-destructive way and gives you a total control over the conversion. The Hue/Saturation method, again non-destructive one, is rather common, though it is less flexible. If you use Photoshop Elements, you have the opportunity to use the easiest way to convert your photo into black and white, which is Convert to Black and White Tool. It is nice and easy but has a certain disadvantage being a destructive technique.

We do not mean that you shouldn’t use the destructive methods under no circumstances. As all of us know that tastes may vary, and you need to try all possible techniques or at least several of them to choose the best for you. The only advice we can give you is to make a copy of the edited image before you make a conversion.