Composite / Collage Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Sometimes you need to create a new image from several different photos or maybe you look at some photo shoot and understand: “I am looking amazing here but the background leaves much to be desired”. This is not a problem if you are familiar with Photoshop compositing.

The main principle for a composite image of good quality is clean, professional selection and lighting. It is very important to make the light similar on the subject and the background (or other elements which you add to a photo) to get convincing composite picture. Ensure that the composite pieces share the same color, temperature, and mood. This is what makes the images look professional and real.

As you can see, Photoshop enables you to create fantasy images by adding to your photos  what cannot be photographed in reality. In some cases it helps to make pictures more colorful by replacing a sky, for example, or adding some clouds. You can learn the basics from such gurus as Seán Duggan and Aaron Nace. They have excellent courses available online which teach you to use different tools and techniques for creating unique, unbelievable composites.

If you already know the keys of work in Photoshop, we highly recommend you read a book called “Photoshop Compositing Basics” by Conrad Chavez. It will help you to develop your skills and provide you with many useful tips. Third-party plug-ins can also be useful for professionals, although they are not free of charge.

We don’t mean that you can just go step by step according to some tutorial and get perfect results. Of course, you need experience and have to awaken your creativity.