Light & Shadows Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

We suppose each photographer has at least once faced with the necessity to work in places with poor lighting and in dark rooms. As a result, they receive dark photos which look too gloomy and unhappy. Such pictures obviously require retouching and light correction to look beautiful, and you need to know the basics of work with light and shadow to do it.

Actually using light and shadow techniques is rather challenging task, especially for beginners. Light direction is central point in making high quality portraits and picturesque landscapes and it usually forms the view of the image. It is great if you managed to determine where the light is coming from and where it falls and your photo shoots came out well. But if they are not perfect, do not despair. Powerful Photoshop effects are created specially to help you. You can receive the detailed information in tutorials and literature dedicated to this theme.

Here are the most popular techniques presented. Gradients and shadows are very effective to give a picture 3D look, highlights are widely used for emphasizing the main objects and concentrate the focus on them. The Blur tools can soften the background and secondary details at the pictures for the same purpose. Content Aware Patch and Content Aware Move tools will help you to remove the undesirable bright glares and highlights from the photos as well as the Healing Brush tool and various painting tools.

Light and shadow effects are useful and interesting not only for working photographers but they are widely applied in web design and digital art. Appropriate use of these techniques enables to design punchy pages so important for website promotion.