Portrait Effects Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Photoshop portrait effects have come a long way since appearing and entering into wide use. Currently there are so many photo effects can be seen everywhere from the popular art magazines to the simple photos in personal webs, that you can always find something new for you. All of them can be easily applied to your photos in Photoshop. If you want to know more about them, follow this article.

Some portrait effects are rather simple and can be used even be the very beginners in Photoshop. Among such effects that are made just in several steps are adding different types of vignettes, converting your photo into black & white style, and other quick coloring effects. They are very popular among amateurs, used to Instagram the photos and made them better-looking.

Other photo effects are more complicated and require a lot of your time and effort. They are usually used by professional photographers and designers in their job. Some of them can turn your common photos into the works of art. First of all we talk about the various “painting” effects like watercolor or sketch effects. Others are more popular for designing advertisements and covers of the magazines. There are unusual and eye-catching text portraits, imitation of portrait masks, vintage and retro effects. All of them gives to your images an interesting and attractive view and certainly attract the audience’s attention.

To be able to make such creative pictures you need to know the principles of work with layers, filters, textures and gradients, and color corrections of course. You even have an opportunity to make a photo caricature in Photoshop which can be presented to some of your friends with a sense of humor as a fun gift.