Remove Objects Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Photoshop Remove Object function is one of the most commonly used. You face with the necessity to delete some object practically every time you are editing your photo shoots, beginning with cutting out people from the photos and ending with removing different blemishes and distractions. As this Photoshop opportunity is so popular, we have decided to dedicate another article to that issue. If you still don’t know how to remove objects in Photoshop, it is specially for you.

There are many different ways of removing undesired things from the pictures depending on these things themselves. If you need to remove small imperfections from the skin like wrinkles, scratches or tattoos, you will be satisfied with the Healing Brush tool with further painting over the skin by one of the painting tools. If you want to remove people or rather large objects from the background, you will need other, more tricky techniques. First of all, you should use one of the Selection tools to circle the object which you want to delete from the image. Your following steps may vary, as Photoshop can offer you different options here.

We can recommend the Content-Aware Fill tool if your photo contains enough pixels around the selected area. If there are not enough background pixels, the Patch tools will be useful in this case as they allow you to eliminate flaws by the patch overlay, and this patch can be selected at any point of your picture. Besides, you have Layer masks as one of the possible options.

We should add that removing the objects is a destructive method of photo editing, so make sure you create a copy of the image before you begin, just in case.