Special Effects Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Photoshop special effects provide you a huge choice of ideas for editing and retouching your photos. Some of them are quick and easy, others are more difficult to apply but also look more interesting and sometimes really fantastic. Go through several creative ideas for your inspiration reading our small tutorial.

First of all, draw the desired result at your imagination or even fix it on the paper if it helps. If you know what you want to have in result, it will be easier for you to design the image and select appropriate tools for creating special effects.

If you are familiar with basic techniques of Photoshop work like using different painting and selection tools, using filters, adding new layers, you will be able to create beautiful light effects, make your photo look like a cartoon picture or a scene from a fantastic film. Creating reflections at the images is a rather popular thing, allowing a picture look natural and actually adding 3D effect. If you are a little out of practice on these things, don’t be discouraged. Some methods are suitable for the beginners, moreover there are a lot of step-by-step tutorials on adding special effects. Learn several of them and you will understand the main idea.

Lighten or darken your photos to change their color atmosphere, smooth and soften the content of the images, don’t be afraid to experiment with brightness. You can achieve mysterious and fantastic effects. Ordinary people from your photo shoots will turn into the fabulous characters if you make an effort. Just a little practice and your time and you will reach the level of the professional photo editor, so go ahead.