Body Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Have you ever met a person who is absolutely happy about his or her body? We suppose you are scratching your head now, trying to remember at least one of such people. All of us always want to change something in our bodies and appearance. People think it will change their lives as well. If you still haven’t succeeded in shaping the body of your dream, Photoshop will help you to do it at your photos.

Photoshop has a lot of opportunities for body retouching. You can increase or decrease the height of a person, or some separate body parts. For example, lengthening of legs is popular trick in fashion industry. You can correct the body type: remove a belly, slim the waist and hips, eliminate possible blemishes at the body such as creases, wrinkles or scratches, create sculptures muscles and perfect abs. Actually any your wish can come true if you gain the required skills in Photoshop.

The set of tools for body retouching is a standard one. Usual selection tools, various filters, burning and dodging, light and shadow effects, layer masks, puppet warp for those who have fresh Photoshop versions (beginning from CS5) and others. The body should look realistic after the applied corrections, so do not overdo. The best result is when a person who looks at the image cannot understand whether it was retouched or not and can only envy to the ideal body shape.

You will find several useful lessons dedicated to body retouching and reshaping in this category. Moreover, there are a lot of helpful detailed Photoshop tutorials in Internet. All of them are quite simple and understandable. We hope you will find something new and be able to apply these tips into practice.