Color Correction Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Natural colors of the image depend on lighting, the environment, perspective and placement of the camera during shooting. In a consequence the original colors of image can be kept or changed. But, as a rule, in most cases, adjustment of white balance and also gray balance, intensity of color, colors bright can be necessary. Correction of color in photoshop can help to make your image more attractive, colors can be changed in addition to original flowers to agree on the image with requirements to it. In certain cases it is necessary to apply various types of lighting effects depending on type of photo and the environment in which it was created.

Also, if the photo was damaged as a result of any influence on it, images can be brought to the initial normal state by the applying the color correction.

Depending on your desires you can apply various functions of color correction to your image:

  • “Autocorrection” – it is used for automatic correction of color, applying optimum values to parameters.
  • “Exposition” – carries out correction of the general brightness of the image.
  • Contrast” – for correction of the general picture contrast and in certain cases influences color. If your image has a shade that needs to have more contrast.
  • “Color” – for color correction, definitions of shadows, averages of tone and light in all image, but not in certain color canals.
  • Balance” – for correction of color balance of the image, without influencing contrast.
  • Sharpness” – for correction of sharpness of the image.