Face Retouching Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Photographers by means of certain techniques can achieve good results on retouching of the face. With retouch face, you need to keep the general form and color but get rid of impregnations and roughness.

Retouching face is always better to begin with removal of spots. It is quite possible that after their removal further retouching of skin can it won’t be required in general. Spots it is separate fragments which are located separately from each other. Therefore, while using retouching face, you can use “The dot restoring brush”. For this purpose it isn’t necessary to sketch spots, it is just necessary to guide a brush at a spot and to stretch to the necessary size. But if the spot is on border with other element, then “brush” doesn’t approach as after processing of edge will turn out not equal and dirty. In such cases it is better to use the Stamp tool. Here in the revealing Sample list, a sample of pixels it was possible to select the images on a background layer. Similar to the Stamp tool also the Restoring Brush tool works, it is necessary to set a point of which samples of pixels for transfer will get out.

It is possible to see a set of examples of retouching on which skin of the person is washed so away that reminds plastic. On a face there are no traces of any time or other texture of skin. On this background of an eye and lip seem unnaturally accurate. For smoothing of skin it is necessary to create a mask of a layer and to artificially add effect of texture. Having changed the layer mode to “Soft light” (Soft Light) to create a hardly noticeable texture or to Overlay to create more expressive texture of skin.

When processing retouch face the photo and careful elimination of all defects it is possible to achieve very good results.