Hair Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Hair retouching is in practice uses among the professional photographers, but also can be used by non-photographers for different reasons. For example, you can change hair color in Photoshop to see how it will look on you and decide whether you want to dye your hair in real life or not.

Photographers always work with hair of the models and it is one of the most difficult areas. Hairstyle should definitely look smooth and perfect in advertisements and popular fashion magazines. They need to get rid of flyaway strands in hairstyle and give to the model beautiful shiny hair if her hairdresser failed to do it. They can lighten or darken the hair, or even “dye” them into some fantastic unreal color. We will teach you how to retouch hair color so that you can do it no worse than professionals.

There are a lot of techniques in Photoshop that can be used to retouch hair. Apply retouching tools, famous healing brush which is able to heal even your lifeless hair, colorizing and painting tools, dodging and burning. Just like it happens in real life (ask any hairdresser and he will confirm), it is always easier to darken the hair than to lighten them. Another time-consuming technique (both for a photographer and for a hairdresser again) is Ombre effect, but it will look uncommon and stylish at your photos, so it’s worth it. Surely, you can color gray hair – great news for elderly Photoshop users.

It is possible to change a hairstyle as well if you want. You can cut out the hair or make an expensive hair extension absolutely for free, and of course change the shape of the hairstyle.

Make up your mind what effect you want to achieve and choose a suitable course from the many offered in Internet.