Landscape Retouch Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

No matter how well the image was taken, you always have a desire to improve it. Retouching and editing landscape photo in Photoshop gives you to carry all useful and necessary tools out. You can make your image much better as it possible.

If you think that your landscape photo does not look close to reality as you wish retouching and editing in Photoshop can help you to improve it.

Your landscape image will look better, if you increase the contrast. To change the contrast of image you should make copy of the image, add it as a layer and switch the image to the black and white mode then change value of transparency until your picture doesn’t look as well as you would like to. If you need to add more lighting in the middle of tones of your image, you better use the tool Exposure in Adjustment Layer panel. Exposure tool will help to increase lighting of the middle tones and apply the Gamma Correction to your photo. Adding more the saturation to image will also will force it to look better but you should be careful with this, if you are overzealous, it will lead to the fact that your image will look worse than it should. The quite useful tool for Adding more the saturation is Vibrancy in Adjustment panel. Vibrancy differs a little from the Hue and Saturation because this tool is used in less saturated areas while other areas remain almost untouched. Wary useful option in this tool is Saturation with it help you can also increase saturation if need it.

Retouching and editing in Photoshop using a Gradient Filters can create more artistic and dramatic looking effects to landscape image. Using Effects give a chance to add or remove fog on image. In addition, Photoshop allows you to add or remove clouds from the sky. If you use the Move Tool you can replace old sky, in your landscape, to a new one.