May 25, 2012

Andrew Fearman: Portfolio Critique Pt.2

Andrew Fearman Portfolio Critique

Andrew Fearman has placed himself in the lions den. A few weeks ago we created a form on Phlearn to volunteer your portfolio to be critiqued ,check it out HERE if you are interested. Andrew entered his portfolio and was chosen for this month’s critique.

The goal of these critiques is to give honest feedback on a portfolio, keeping in mind the photographer’s goals. These are just my opinions, so feel free to disagree, in fact your opinion will make the critique process even more valuable.

In this special 30 minute Phlearn episode, I will be going over 5 images and listing what I feel are the strong points and weak points of each. I will also be working on a few images in Photoshop where I feel could be improved.

In case you missed it, here is PART 1

[nggallery id=7]

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  • user image
    Conn Young

    Isn’t she supposed to be a mime with a white painted face?

  • user image
    Maria Dolgopolova

    Your conclusionis very rich in content. I think Andrew can pick some new interesting ideas. The fashion photo in a cementry blew my mind. I think it is very proporly done!

  • user image
    James Brown

    Andrew, I was skimming your blog. Definitely keep up the assisting! The photographers you are assisting will absolutely help propel you to where you want to be.

  • user image

    Hey, Aaron!
    I took a picture of a girl IN The water the way You said last month. Maybe you could critique that too. And compare.

  • user image
    Rodger Olivares

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing your work! I haven’t been to Phlearn in awhile, but I like critique videos the most. It helps me assess my current work (of which I am a very, very harsh critic) and identify what worked and didn’t work. For these set of images, in general, I agree with Aaron.

    #11 – Is properly exposed, but the image concept isn’t very strong. In the portrait, there isn’t anything interesting to look at.

    #1 – I understand that you were trying to create a very strong contrasted image. The background seems to clash with the outfit. The outfit and model is crisp and high key, while the background is wiry, chaotic, and underexposed relative to the model. The outfit is chaotic in itself due to the stripes. I have to think about this image a little more.

    #8 – This image is suffering from both an image concept perspective and a technical perspective. I guess you’re using a big softbox on axis. From the lighting perspective, it is flat.

    The audience for this image would be males that want to see females in alluring poses. The model coming out of the water during a golden sunset would add dramatic mood and lighting to the image. However, the model’s pose needs to be improved.

    #7 –  I like it. I think the lines in the background compliment the lines from the body paint. The shorts need to be toned down. Overall, it is very solid.

    #6 – I actually do not like this image. I think cemeteries and train tracks are the bad cliche locations for all photographers. Having just the background in itself doesn’t add to the image. My main question is why is she there? It would be interesting if she was interacting with the environment. Additionally, the ocean seems out of place in a cemetery.

    The pose is awkward to me, and the shadows are a bit crushed. The one thing that I do like about the image is how the the lines of the pathway guide me to the subject. That’s very cool.

    I know that critiques may seem like an attack on yourself, but all of us are here to help you grow as a photographer. I definitely admire that you put yourself out there.