Photography Contests Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Either you are a professional photographer or just an amateur, you can participate in different photography contests to show your talent to the public and win some money as a bonus.

Serious photography contests are usually held in big cities on a regular basis and allow you to win not only big sums of money, but also publications of your pictures in popular specialized editions. Other photo battles have more limited resources but still give you the opportunity to win some money and a chance of being noticed. Your works will appear at exhibitions or websites of photo magazines, so it’s worth entering as well.

There are different types of contests and you should choose the most appropriate for you before to enter. Some of them require entry fee, others are free. We recommend to choose the second one for the beginning – if you don’t win, at least you won’t lose.

Contests are usually separate for different photo styles. There are contests for wedding photographers, for wild life and nature lovers, for travel photographers and others. Sometimes battles have more restricted topic, such as the best black & white photo, or they can be devoted to some holiday or other certain occasion.

Some contests are held especially for children and students. There you will find more amateur photos and it is where you can face a fresh look at popular and tired themes.

Whichever photography contest you choose to enter, we believe you will not be disappointed. It’s always a perfect chance to share your vision with the world, win money prizes and sometimes even start a professional career in photography art.