Photography Lighting Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Photography lighting is one of the thing that make your photo shine. Professional photographers use different equipment to get such effect. But all this stuff is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. There is one simple decision – to use Adobe Photoshop. This program has powerful tools that will make your photo perfect.

Adobe Photoshop has a lot of useful instrument that can help to retouch photos and pictures and add brightness to them. Using the raster graphics editor you can reach any effect that you want.

There are some common and clear rules that you should know. If you follow them, your work will look more natural, bright and professional. First of all, you must remember that if the light source becomes broader, the light becomes softer. Secondly, if you want to get the softer light, you need to bring the light source closer. More than that, you should use the following tips: you can change the relations between the light on your subject and your background using the light falloff, and the most important: shadows create volume. In our opinion, practical knowledge about photography lighting is the great and powerful information about Adobe Photoshop’s tools.

On our website, you will acquainted not only with tips and tutorials about photography lighting effect in Photoshop but also understand how to use professional equipment: soft boxes, umbrellas, reflectors and other things. Certainly, photography lighting is not so easy to master as texture patterns or Photoshop brushes but if you know how to use it, your photos will be more professional than before.