Photography Tips Tutorials by Aaron Nace

1. Try to avoid the central focus in the composition.
This recommendation is also known as a ‘’rule of thirds’’. Divide your picture into the nine equal parts with two vertical and two horizontal crossing lines that break each side of the image into three parts. Note, that most of compositions have better look when you avoid the central area.

2. Use the appropriate ISO when shooting.
For well-lit scenes use lower ISO levels (100 or 200). Shooting of darker objects may require greater ISO values up to 1600. Remember that high ISO levels give enlarged pixel size in your image (so-called ‘’digital noise’’).

3. Draw attention to the portrait with plain background.
Be simple and focus the viewer’s attention to the person when making portraits by using a simple background with neutral colors and calm tones. Avoid complex patterns. Thus, you prevent a distraction from the model. That is particularly important when the figure is placed out of the center.

4. Keep out of using the flash when shooting indoors.
In order to make your indoor photos more natural do not use flash. There are several methods to avoid using the flash – ISO adjustments, wide aperture, image stabilization and others.

5. Practice is a best way to success.
A trivial, but important recommendation among other photography tips. The more you shoot, the more experienced you become. Shoot a lot, where and when you can. Lots of hours spent with your camera will turn to your photography skills by the time. Don’t be afraid of experiments with various shooting modes and techniques. Do and learn.