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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do the photography and retouching necessary to add an amazing liquid splash effect to any portrait. Learn compositing, coloring, retouching, cutting subjects out, painting details, and dodging and burning.

Advanced   |   3.25 Hours   |   7 Video Tutorials

100 out of 5
( 20 )

Learn to use the Patch Tool to replace minor blemishes and distractions or use it to duplicate any object or area in your photos.

Sample Images Included


Studio compositing is a balance between lighting, camera angles, and Photoshop. This tutorial teaches all three, explaining and simplifying the entire process, end to end.

Medium   |   4.25 Hours   |   10 Video Tutorials

100 out of 5
( 15 )

Learn all of the tricks that the Eyedropper Tool has to offer. Select the colors you need with precision, safe your favorite colors for later use, and even grab colors from external programs!

Sample Images Included


Blemishes be gone! The Healing Brush Tool is great for small and precise work such as removing scars, tattoos or a stray strand of hair.

Sample Images Included


Just as a painter may turn his canvas for an easier brush stroke, turn your image for easier editing! This is especially useful when using a pen and tablet.

Sample Images Included


Follow along and create a beautiful fantasy scene in Photoshop! Learn to combine images, build depth, add atmosphere, create reflections, and create effects with light and color.

Advanced   |   3.5 Hours   |   1 Video Tutorials

100 out of 5
( 10 )

The Spot Healing Brush Tool is great for removing blemishes and distractions from your image. Unlike the Healing Brush Tool, you don’t need to pick a sample area to work from, Photoshop does it for you.

Sample Images Included


Lightroom is a versatile program with many tools to color and style your images. Follow along as we demonstrate how to use these tools, save and apply presets and we even show you how to create HDR images and panoramas.

Easy   |   1.5 Hours   |   4 Video Tutorials

Lightroom Presets Faded and Matte Color PHLEARN

Bring a soft and subtle flavor to your images by adding hues of green, blue, and red. These Lightroom presets are perfect if you’re looking for that vintage, faded, and slightly desaturated look.

Easy   |   18 Presets   |   2 Sample Images

PHLEARN Cross Process Thumbnail

Cross-processing is done by processing one type of film in a chemical solution intended for another. Simulate those beautiful and unique effects digitally with these Lightoom presets.

Easy   |   12 Presets   |   2 Sample Images


The lomography name is inspired by a vintage Russian film camera called the LOMO LC-A. Recreate the unique look of film with these exclusive Lightroom presets.

Easy   |   10 Presets   |   1 Sample Image


Pastel colors evoke openness and relaxation, bringing the viewer a sense of calm. Give your photos a colorful makeover with these Lightroom presets.

Easy   |   15 Presets   |   1 Sample Image


Make your images feel like a blast from the past with this collection of Lightroom presets that evoke the retro style of film photography from the ’60s and ’70s.

Easy   |   15 Presets   |   1 Sample Image


These Lightroom presets are designed to replicate the poplar effects of light leaks and lens flares often found when using vintage film cameras.

Easy   |   14 Presets   |   1 Sample Image


Try out some of our most popular Lightroom presets with this free sample pack! Make colors pop, add vintage style, beautiful effects, or use these as a guide to make your own looks.

Easy   |   10 Presets   |   1 Sample Image


We made Lightroom presets before they were cool. Put on your favorite vinyl and give your images some vintage style.

Easy   |   15 Presets   |   1 Sample Image


Pay homage to the masters of cinema with these custom Lightroom presets. Channel the vision of Scorsese, Miyazaki, Kubric, and more!

Easy   |   15 Presets   |   1 Sample Image

PHLEARN Lightroom Presets Cinematic Color

Add beautiful, complimentary colors to the highlights and shadows of any image in seconds with these Lightroom presets.

Easy   |   15 Presets   |   1 Sample Images


Draw more attention to the light values and the composition of your photos with these Lightroom presets designed to make the most of a world without color.

Easy   |   10 Presets   |   1 Sample Image

PHLEARN Dramatic and Vibrant Color Lightroom Preset

Make your photos sing with these Lightroom presets designed to enhance the colors in any image. Whether you’re working with portraits or landscapes, these will help you get the most out of the environment and sky while protecting skin tones.

Easy   |   14 Presets   |   3 Sample Images


Get anything out of the way with the Content-Aware Move Tool! Move an object in an image, while Photoshop fills the gap by automatically sampling surrounding areas.

Sample Images Included


There are several different ways to apply Gradients to your image, but their basic function is creating a gradual change between colors or a color to transparent.

Sample Images Included


Perfect for graphics designers and web developers, learn to use the Slice Tool to cut up a high resolution image into multiple pieces to prepare it for the web.

Sample Images Included


Layer masks give you the ability to hide or show certain parts of layers. Best of all, they are completely reversible, so you can always bring back whatever you have hidden.

Sample Images Included