Color Blurs Texture Pack

Color Blurs

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Add interest and color to your images with these full resolution color blur photos! Simulate shallow depth of field by placing these textures over your photos. Use them in any combination to make an unlimited number of textures.

Included are 130 21 megapixel images for your pleasure.

With purchase, you are granted royalty-free, non-exclusive usage rights of any derivatives created with the included texture images.  What this means is:

  • This one-time payment is the only payment you will ever make to Phlearn.
  • You can use these images as a component in any personal project.
  • You can use these images as a component of any commercial project.
  • You cannot sell unaltered versions of the images for any purpose.  This means you cannot sell prints of just the textures, and you cannot resell the texture as a texture.

Use these textures to enhance your images. Just make sure your original work is the basis of your creations.

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Add a review

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    Had a lot of Fun playing around with the blurs. Made my photo that much better and more pop to it!