Mar 27, 2012

Tips to Make Your Profile Picture Amazing

General Guidelines

Today Roxanne and I will show you how to take a good portrait, especially for a profile picture, using a standard lamp from Ikea. The Light on your Face can make your features look great or awful depending on where you position your Light source. The Distance you are from your camera and Depth of field can also really help you out.

Some  important things to remember are to have a genuine SMILE and some kind of interaction. Friends and other things in the photo will make you look popular. Props also help, and can send the right message. Salsa means you can dance.


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    Ian Norris

    Hi there, I did not notice you not noticing me because I was busy being handsome…lol

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    Any episode that has the word “caca” automatically gets my vote. Great!

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    Rubén Chase

    Wow, it’s just… like you’re… freaking crazy dude!! You’re talking to a chicken!! hahaha

    Oh gosh, Captain Obvious to the rescue… Kill me

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    Sebastian Ortiz

    HAHAHAAAAAAA… So, You can Salsa dance, huh? HAHAHAAAAA… funny episode, Aaron…Awesome job!!

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    Daniel Tuck

    Hahaha – Aaron, you completely crack me up – I’m crying with laughter sat at my desk at work!! Unfortunately I currently have no dead animals in my life, so I’ll have to go get me one…

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    Hurricane Graphics

    My current profile pic is me, in a state of intense concentration, which means I’m not completely ADHD. But I am trying to crack a safe, so I’m broke, and not above committing crimes in a pinch, so ladies, I’m a handsome survivor.

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     What about cover photos for Facebook. I made mine to the exact proportions recommended, but unlike my friends, my image won’t display on an iphone 🙁  – Looks fine online though ?

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    I don’t know whats better, the awesome profile pic tutorial or the fact that you guys gave a shout out to Chuck Testa!  Way to keep it fresh 🙂

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    The dead chicken seems pretty normal when compared to the dead yeti laying on the couch behind you!  So many dead animals, so little time.

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    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH! It’s been 10 minutes and I still can’t stop laughing.

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    Noel Sayarath

    One of the funniest episode I’ve watched! Thanks for the good laugh!